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Our dream started in Madeira island...
In 2014 we embraced a business opportunity helping companies with management services in Madeira Free Trade Zone. We founded Royaltax in that year and started with 4 clients doing legal, tax, accounting and administration services.

Throughout these years we found ourselves advising on a daily basis our clients with their investment strategies. Without knowing it at that time, Madeira Free Trade Zone helped us growing this advisory services. So besides our core services at that time, we also start doing this advisory on investments. And you know what? We love doing it!

And that's why we opened this new department -
royaladvisory - a few years later we focused our efforts in helping our clients and members to invest wisely.

royaladvisory focuses on management, mergers & acquisitions, advisory, trading, real estate, investment, European social funds, start-ups and investment vehicles/business, fundraising, tourism, Sport/career management/events, and golden visa advisory for our worldwide clients and partners.

royaladvisory holds today two subsidiary companies, royalsports and royalestate.
Your investments, our mission.

Why choose royaladvisory

We do the work for you. Let us find the business opportunities you are looking for.
Procurement Manager
You want it. We find it.
Investment Advisory
You need it. We advise you.
royaladvisory, focuses on maintaining a high success rate on transactions by the clients and partners. Having in mind that globalization turned the market and business opportunities a fast decision making, especially on a M&A market, transactions are extremely fast, and the pace can translate into higher risks for the buyer/ seller, if not represented by the right advisors.
royaladvisory ensures that the deals are closed with all the legal documentation, limiting the risks and long-term implications for our clients. We make sure that every requirement for due diligence requested by the client is strategically fulfilled, due to the practical and tactical experience of our board. royaladvisory has an objective view of the market, and sets every proposed transaction into the correct path and identifies if there are any issues or red flags issued, ensuring a maximisation of the deal.

Our services

We offer the best and taylormade solutions to our clients and partners
royaladvisory advises private companies, investors and public entities. We advise M&A transactions, setting up of new businesses/start-ups, business consultancy, investment vehicles and private and public fundraising solutions.
M & A
royaladvisory advises on both sell-side and buy-side M&A transactions, and in the establishment of Joint Ventures. We find attractive solutions for our clients and partners, assisting throughout the buying/selling process, to ensure the maximum income.
Specialized Services
royaladvisory staff speaks several languages,is extremelly resourceful, powerful and highly educated,dominating the market. We know the local and international law and different accounting systems, which allows us to perform due diligence is a fast and accurately pace, ensuring to get our customers the best deal on the market
Real Estate
royaladvisory focuses on meeting the demands of our clients in real estate market. Our team of expert advisors, easily adapts to different phases of the market and adjusts to the needs and desires of our worldwide clients and partners.
royaladvisory focuses on football and offers a total concept in all areas of sports with tailor made solutions in top level management and consultancy from our advisors to our customers to invest in career management, football academy development & Management, to hold shares in clubs and invest in publicly traded media and sports & entertainment & sports events companies and projects across the world.
Fast solutions
royaladvisory teams ensures that we can have due diligence experts on site in as little as 24 hours.
Our team
Our multidisciplinary team, is a resourceful, powerful and highly educated staff, specialised in different areas such as Financial, Management, International accounting, Banking/ credit, Advisory, International law, Sports Management, Hotel Management, Tourism and Education.
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